Roll of Honor Program


The Pacific Northwest Regional Roll of Honor Program is designed to recognize and honor individuals, associations or groups who have, within the framework of Babe Ruth Baseball, made an outstanding contribution to the Region’s program.


The Roll of Honor Committee, consisting of a Chairperson and five members, is appointed by the Regional Commissioner by October 15th in even-numbered years for a two-year period.


Active and inactive members of the Pacific Northwest Region’s program shall be eligible for nomination. Active members must have a minimum of five (5) years of service. Anyone, with the exception of a current member of the Roll of Honor Committee, may nominate an individual, organization or group for selection to the Region’s Roll of Honor.

Any individual, association or group inducted into the Babe Ruth League, Inc. International Hall of Fame is not automatically inducted into the Pacific Northwest Region’s Roll of Honor. They must follow the same process as all other nominations.


The Roll of Honor Committee will consider any nominee who has been active in an administrative/­executive capacity and who has made an outstanding contribution to or has been instrumental in the organization of the program, and who has actively participated in its administration over an extended period of time. The contribution must have been directed to the objectives of the Region’s program.

The Roll of Honor Committee will consider any nominee who has been involved in the administration of any association, embodying game officials, and who in the capacity as an umpire, has by excellence, dedication and conduct made an outstanding contribution to the Region’s program. Such a contribution shall have covered an extended period of time determined by the Roll of Honor Committee.

The Roll of Honor Committee will consider any nominee who has acted in the capacity of coaching or managing in any division of the program within the Region and who has not only had outstanding success competitively but has made a significant contribution to the development of the total Babe Ruth program and its youth. Such a contribution shall have covered an extended period of time determined by the Roll of Honor Committee.

The Roll of Honor Committee will consider any individual, association or group who has made an outstanding contribution while acting in an informal executive role and/or business capacity whose contribution has been of significant merit and directly benefiting the Region’s program and its youth. Such a contribution shall have covered an extended period of time determined by the Roll of Honor Committee.


Nominations must be submitted, in writing, to the Regional Commissioner on forms available from any State/Provincial or Assistant Regional Commissioner or the Region’s Web Site and must contain detailed chronological and supportive information outlining the specific eligibility qualifications of the nominee.

Nominations must be postmarked by February 15th of each year and acknowledged in writing by the Regional Commissioner. A copy of the acknowledgement letter, along with a copy of the nomination documentation, shall be sent to the Roll of Honor Chairperson as they are received.

Nominations received are eligible for consideration for three (3) consecutive years. Any nomination that has not been favorably acted upon within the three-year period will need to be resubmitted in order to be considered for an additional three (3) years.

The Roll of Honor Chairperson shall provide each member of the Committee the documentation relative to the nominations. All nominations, current, second and third year are reviewed. Through Committee discussion and consensus only those nominations that have a 2/3rds endorsement shall be recommended to the State/Provincial Commissioners for selection.

The Roll of Honor Committee, under extenuating circumstances, may reinstate any inactive nomination to the list of active nominations for further consideration. The Committee shall have the authority to establish a quota of candidates to be elected in any given year.


Each nominee must be elected by at least a 75% affirmative vote of the State/Provincial Commissioners, as polled by the Roll of Honor Chairperson.

All details of the selections and results are to remain confidential pending notification by the Regional Commissioner to the successful applicant(s) or their families or company officials, and their nominators, in writing within 10 days of the vote.


Following ratification, the successful candidates or their representatives shall be presented with a Pacific Northwest Region Roll of Honor Plaque. Their name and the year of their induction will also be engraved on the Region’s perpetual Plaque.

Following selection, the Roll of Honor Chairperson shall be responsible for:

  • Preparing a resume of credentials for each successful recipient for their induction ceremony.
  • Notifying the nominators of the current status of their nominations
  • Annually updating the file of all nominees

The Regional Commissioner shall be responsible for:

  • Establishing the date and location with each successful recipient for the appropriate induction ceremony.
  • Providing each successful applicant with an appropriate Roll of Honor Plaque.
  • Ensuring that the name of each successful recipient and the year of their induction are engraved on the Region’s perpetual Roll  of Honor Plaque.
  • Ensuring arrangements for the appropriate induction photographs and supporting documentation are sent to the Region’s Webmaster as well as to Babe Ruth Headquarters for their information.

Roll of Honor Nomination Form


Dan Riley, North & South Washington
John Tennant, Regional Umpire Consultant, South Washington

Alan Odenborg, Idaho
Dave Johnson, North Washington

Kirc Roland, South Washington

Carol Welbourne, British Columbia
Brent Stenman, North Washington

Bill Peterson, North Washington
Mike Sturgeon, North Oregon

Sam & Sue Ryder, South Washington

Jack Laub, South Washington
Jim Thomas, South Washington

Ron Clack, South Oregon
John Van Allen, Wyoming
Jim Lunt, North Washington

Randy Boruff, North Washington
Peter Stoochnoff, British Columbia
Rudy Marostica, North Oregon
Brian Pipes, British Columbia

Ralph Hillier, North Oregon
Jarl Opgrande, South Washington

Bob Kuhta, South Washington

Jerry Bodden, Idaho

Butch Hert, North Oregon
Gord Welbourne, British Columbia

Bill Daniels, South Washington

Jim Walling, Montana

Shirley Gratton, British Columbia
Allen (“Al”) Elliott, British Columbia

Al Lysaker, North Oregon

Jim Lemp, Wyoming
Bob Mayer, North Washington

Forrest (“Frosty”) Loghry, South Oregon

Floyd Markham, North Oregon

Marv Lemon, North Oregon

Fred (“Wimpy”) Quinn, North Oregon

Ted Church, British Columbia
Ward Walker, North Oregon

Ontario Elks Lodge #1690, North Oregon

Roy Beach, North Oregon
Jack Ryan, North Oregon

Samuel (“Dudley”) Franco, North Oregon

Ted Kuehner, Wyoming

John Nida, Wyoming

Douglas Bryden, Wyoming
Duane (“Buck”) Ward, Wyoming

Wilf Sadler, British Columbia

George Wyse, Washington (prior to split into North & South)

Frank Stapleton (North Oregon)

City of Glendive, Montana