Uniforms - Look the part


The perception that you and your partner portray when you walk onto the field, in the minds of fans and coaches will be carried throughout the game. It is up to you and your partner if this perception is negative or positive. When you look like a professional umpire everyone in the ball park will have confidence that the game will be officiated in a fair and professional manner.


Professionalism goes beyond just looking the part. As an umpire you have the responsibility to enforce the rules in a consistent manner. You cannot decide which rules you will or will not enforce. As an umpire you must enforce all the rules to the best of your ability. An umpire’s conduct will influence the respect that the players and coaches have for you as an umpire. As an umpire you are not a peer, you are not an equal, you are the one who decides disputes between equals.


By looking like a professional umpire, you will walk onto the field with the self-confidence that you as an umpire must expect of yourself. For this to happen you have to “look the part” of a professional umpire which all starts with your uniform and “looking the part”.

“Looking the part”

Dress and maintain your appearance in a manner befitting the dignity and importance of the umpire position:

  • Uniform Shirt and Pants - Clean, pressed and fits properly.
  • Shoes - Clean and polished.

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